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Hortculture therapy is an innovative treatment method using plants and plant related activities to improve the social,educational,psychological,and physical adjustment of an individual,thus improving his/her body ,mind and spirit.Centre for disability studies (CeDS) has started implementing Horticulture therapy at 10 selected schools  of Thiruvananthapuram district.The project aims to empower the psychomotor skills and social intelligence of the intellectually challenged,the learning disabled,ADHD and Autistic children through horticulture therapy activities and enable them to generate income through the skills attained.The regular teachers,the resource teachers and the ceds staff along with differently abled students jointly work for the project to achieve this aim.Periodic assessments are done and improvements are recorded.The centre is also providing Horticulture therapy interventions and counseling for the differently abled.


The 10 selected schools are:

1. Govt. UPS Poovachal

2. Govt.HSS Ayiroorppara

3. Govt.H.S Pappanamcode

4. Govt.Boys HS ,Kanyakulangara

5. SMV Govt.Model HSS,Thiruvananthapuram

6. Govt.Girls HS,Cottonhill

7. Govt.HS ,Avanavancherry

8. Govt.HS Marayamuttam

9. Govt. Girls Hss Attingal

10. Govt.UPS .Edavilakam.







  • Project title : Developing toolkit for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)


To develop a tool kit and to study the impact of the toolkit on the attention span and Social intelligence of children with ADHD.







  • Project title : A study into the impact of nutrition on children with ADHD


The study on the impact of nutrition on children with ADHD is a randomised  controlled trial into the effect of a food elimination diet on the behaviour of a random group of school going children who meet  the DSM-!V criteria  for ADHD.